Overcoming the Limiting Beliefs That Derail Most Other Coaches

If you’ve never sold an online course before, doing so the first time is hard. The second time is much easier.

As a kid, I played video games a lot. One of my favorite games was Contra, a blue guy and a red guy running through evil robotic alien bad guys to… I can’t remember what they were trying to accomplish. But, I do remember, my favorite gun was the spreader!

At the end of each level was a boss.

When we fought the first boss the first time, we died, over and over again. But, once we finally beat it, we never died there again.


Because the first time is always the hardest–usually for one reason: we aren’t sure if we can do it or not.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs to Build Your First Online Course

When you decide to build a course for the first time, you’re not sure if it’s going to be a success.

There are all kinds of question marks. And, most likely, you’re going to make a few mistakes along the way. Even the most successful online course creator in the history of mankind probably made those same mistakes his first time.

Then, there are hundreds of people who have tried, made mistakes, and quit because of them.

And, there are thousands upon thousands of people who never tried because they didn’t want to experience the growing pains, failures, and mistakes.

The difference between the successful and the failures in anything is the fact that the successful didn’t quit.

If you’re going to be successful at selling your online course, you have to persevere when mistakes happen. But, before you get there, you have to overcome limiting beliefs that cause everyone else not to even try.

I’m Not Knowledgable Enough

I wrote about this in a previous post, discussing the One Step Principle. Usually, the idea that you don’t know enough, or aren’t expert enough to teach is just an excuse. This excuse says “don’t even try,” because you haven’t achieved x, y, and z yet.

While you don’t want to take open heart surgery training from a novice, the principle usually doesn’t apply to online courses. Because you only have to know one thing your student doesn’t in order to make the lesson valuable.

You don’t have to be at the end of the road, you just need to be at least one step ahead.

So, if you haven’t crossed some imaginary finish line, don’t let that stop you. Because, if you do, you just become one of the thousands who felt the same.

I’m Not Technologically Savvy Enough

Come on, grow up!

I’m always blown away by the super-smart people that use this excuse. They’ll figure out their iPad, their iWatch, their fancy new car, etc. But, they say they can’t figure out how to build an online course.

It’s pathetic, and it’s not true.

For one, there’s training on how to build an online course that will lead you through step by step. So, the excuse doesn’t have legs.

Apart from that, if you’re tech-savvy enough to find this article, you’re tech savvy enough to build an online course.

The problem is, this limiting belief is so strong in your head that you’re not even going to try and figure it out. You’re just automatically tossing the idea aside.

An online course could be the financial answer you’ve been waiting for, but you won’t take action because you imagine it’s too complex to figure out.

I’m Not a Good Teacher

That’s like someone on a boat saying they aren’t good at throwing life preservers to drowning victims, so they don’t throw them. People are drowning, but they don’t want to be criticized for how they throw.

Here’s a newsflash hotshot, the drowning person doesn’t care.

They’re not judging your form or your velocity. They are drowning and they’ll take help from anyone… even you.

If you can teach someone something they really want to learn, they don’t care about your insecurities. They just want to learn.

No One Will Buy It

This one could actually be true if you haven’t done your homework. I spend an entire module on this in my course. It’s something a lot of people usually overlook, then they invest a lot of time, money, and energy into creating a course only to have no one want to buy it.

But, there are a lot more people who just give up because their first Facebook ad didn’t produce any buyers.

First, make the right decision before building the course.

The module that talks about choosing courses people will actually buy is free. So signup for my course and figure that out.

But, after you’ve made the logical decision, and all the science and math points to the course being worth the money, don’t tell yourself it’s not! Just keep pushing it and adding value to it until it’s successful.

Look Further Down the Road

Limiting beliefs will kill you. They will make you give up long before the game is over.

And, here’s the deal: everyone deals with them. That’s why looking further down the road, in the beginning, is essential to sticking it out when everyone else would give up.

Why do you want to make and sell courses online?

What’s the motivation?

Are you emotionally attached to that motivation?

If you aren’t, stop now and go find some other motivation.

If you are emotionally attached, stir up that fire as hot as humanly possible.

Do you want to make passive income?


How would having $X in passive income change your life?

How would it feel if you reached your highest goals?

You need to daydream! Let yourself emotionally connect with the end goal.

When you are really bought-in to the goal, it will keep you from giving up with difficulties hit. And, they always hit.

So, dream!

Daydream big!

Let it seep into your heart. Then, go for it with all you got!

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