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Online Marketing Tip: How to Increase Conversion Rates on All Your Offers

There’s a way you can make your offers so irresistible that your conversion rates will go through the roof. And, best of all, it’s not a difficult thing to do. In fact, it’s so simple it’s mind-boggling more people don’t do it.

The secret is to always stack more specific value.

No matter what you offer is, stacking specific value increases conversion rates every single time. Notice, I didn’t say stacking offers. I said stacking value.

There’s a huge difference.

Stacking Value to Increase Conversion Rates

Stacking Value

What do I mean by stacking specific value?

Simply, whatever your target audience will find valuable you stack on the offer. And, the stack needs to be specific to the offer.

For example, a guide on unclogging toilets without a plunger is valuable. In certain situations, you could say it was very, very valuable. But, if you try to stack that offer on the top of an offer for, say, Christmas lights, it’s probably worse than not stacking it at all.

Your value stack needs to be specific to the offer you’re stacking it on.

It’s the value combined with the congruity that works the magic.

Tre Lewellen, for example, has a famous funnel for selling gun oil. His upsell for that offer is more gun oil. Then, he will offer things like targets. The targets are for shooting, the gun oil is for shooting, the congruity increases conversion rates.

Online Courses and Offer Congruency

For online courses, consider what you’re teaching. CourseCoach teaches creating online courses. So, a good offer stack would include things like discounts on LMS systems, like Teachable or Thinkific. Maybe it’s a 14 day free trial to Clickfunnels. Maybe it’s a companion course on how to make great lesson content.

All of these would compliment my offer, and make my offer even more valuable.

Affiliate Offers

If you want people to buy from your affiliate links, you can send them straight to the sales page. If they buy, maybe you’ll get a commission.

But, that’s it.

That’s a bad way to do affiliate marketing.

The best way is to build an offer around your affiliate offers and make them convert on yours first. The only way to do that is through stacking tons of congruent value that will make the purchase even more attractive.

Recently, Russell Brunson, Tony Robbins, and Dean Graziosi launched a JV offer. It was really Graziosi and Tony Robbin’s offer. Russell was doing an affiliate thing with them, and so if you purchased the program through his link, he stacked on thousands of dollars worth of free stuff.

This bonus stacking has made it so that when some big name guru launches a new product, all the other gurus jump on as affiliates. So, they are all offering bonus stacks to buy through their link. Today, it’s sometimes hard to pick who to buy though, because you have to compare the bonuses.

If the gurus are all doing it, why aren’t you?

The Secret Sauce: The Zero-Cost Transaction

The secret to doing this right is that you don’t eat up your profits. Whatever you use in the stack needs to be “free” to sell. In other words, it doesn’t cost you anything to fulfill the order.

Whether one person or five million convert, it doesn’t matter. The product you’ve added is already produced, it’s digital, and the delivery is somewhat automated.

The only reason I would break this rule is if I wanted to build a product anyway. Offering it as a bonus allows me to leverage it’s value before it’s even built.

What I don’t want, though, is to offer something that’s going to cost me if it works.

That’s why people like Russell Brunson can stack thousands upon thousands of bonuses on their offers: they’ve been creating digital products for so long, they have a huge library to pull from. And, whether you buy or not, it doesn’t cost them a penny.

Maximize the Value of Your Offer

Whatever your offer is, providing the maximum amount of value for the conversion will always lead to more conversions.


In terms of discounts, 60% is always better than 20%.


So giving more to the customer for their dollars is going to mean more customers.

What steps can you take to strategically create digital products you can stack on top of your course or affiliate offers? Whatever those things are, build them as fast as possible get them launched.

Your conversion rates will thank you later!


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