Limiting Beliefs

How Limiting Beliefs Will Kill Your Dreams of Selling Courses Online

Fear unchecked will stop you.

I talk to potential entrepreneurs all the time. A lot of people could make an incredible passive income by selling online courses. But, whenever the topic comes up I hear the same thing time and time again: I don’t think I’m expert enough.

That is the most untrue statement anyone could say.

That one limiting belief is why people much more inferior than you will have success. You’ll look at them and wonder how they do it. You’ll criticize their success to make yourself feel better. And, at the end of the day, you’ll rationalize away the reason they did it but you can’t.

The worst part, you’ll actually believe the lies you tell yourself.

Killing Limiting Beliefs Before They Kill Your Dreams

Consider a first-time parent of a young toddler.

They aren’t experts in balance, nothing close to Mr. Miyagi. Yet, they help their child learn to walk through a simple process.

Most parents aren’t experts in neuro-linguistic patterns, nor their native language. They wouldn’t teach, say, English at their local university. And, they wouldn’t be able to dissect the neural process of language or speaking.

Yet, through a repeatable process, they teach their children how to talk.

But, take someone who’s done something other people want to do, and tell them they should charge money to teach it, they will make the excuse that they don’t have what it takes.

The Principle of One Step

The Principle of the Next Step

I learned this principle when I accepted a position to teach at a seminary years ago. I was young and still pretty unsure of my ability to teach. I expressed this thought to the Dean when I was asking to only be assigned freshmen-level classes.

I thought I had a much better chance at impressing people that really didn’t know anything.

The Dean kind of stomped on me a little bit, and let me know that fear was the worst thing I could indulge. “As long as you are one step ahead of the students,” he said, “you have something to teach them.”

A lot of people have probably done what you’re considering teaching. As a matter of fact, other people have probably taught it.

What’s more, there are some people just starting to consider doing what you can teach. And, some are almost to the point they can teach it.

It’s like a long single-file line of potential students, all at different levels of expertise.

Who is the one person every single one of those people will follow?

The person in front of them.

The principle of the one step is, as long as you are one step ahead of me, you can teach me.

An Excuse Rooted In Fear

Recently, I was talking to one of my friends from college. He’s an entrepreneur, and more talented than he gives himself credit for.

He had built an Escape Room business and sold it. It was a success, but he was unhappy with the level of success.

Me, being the Course Coach and all told him he should make a course about how to start an escape room business, and sell it online.

“I don’t think anyone would want to learn from me,” he said.

Why not?

“Because most of them probably want to be more successful than I was.”

This guy risked a ton to start the business. And, when he thought he had plateaued, he successfully negotiated the sale of that business.

But, he’s not willing to risk the judgment of people who don’t know where to start.

That’s limiting beliefs – excuses rooted in nothing but fear.

You Are an Expert, Deal With It!

If you are or want to be, an expert in a field, you have what it takes to teach. All you have to do is learn enough about your subject to teach it.

You start from the beginning state and map the course to where everyone wants to go.

Once you figure out the first step, you can start teaching it to others. Because there are tons of people who are still trying to figure out that first step!

They’re looking for someone to help them, and if you don’t, someone else will. And, most likely, this person will probably know less about the subject than you. The only difference is, they decided to give it a try.

Think about it: if you’re drowning in the ocean, do you care if the lifeguard or some random dude throws you the lifesaver?

You don’t care! You just want someone to throw it!

If you can teach at least one step, there are people out there who are waiting for help. They don’t care if you’ve got it all figured out, they just want to solve this problem first.

And, if you help them solve the first step, they are much more likely to trust you for the rest of the journey.

So, stop doubting yourself. Stop judging yourself by the imaginary standards you’ve concocted in your head. If you’ve considered building an online course, that means you’re at least one step ahead of others.

Truth be told, you’re probably a lot of steps ahead.

There’s a long line of people that are waiting on you to step up.

So, quit making excuses.

Build the course.

Be the expert!

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