How Long Should Your Online Course Be? Why Best Practices Aren’t Best!

If it’s too long, your students will get bored and leave.

If it’s too short, your students will feel like you wasted their time and money.

That’s a dumb way to think about it!

In short, length doesn’t matter. The outcome is what matters.

Think about it: if you paid someone $4,000 to remove a tree from your yard, and they did it in 20 minutes, would you feel robbed?

Of course, that depends.

What’s the Ideal Length for an Online Course?

If someone else would do it much cheaper, you might feel robbed.

Or, if you could have done it yourself, you might feel robbed.

But, you probably aren’t angry because they didn’t spend hours laboring away in your yard.

If you’re teaching an online course, your students aren’t looking for a course length.

They don’t care!

They didn’t buy your course because it was only 5 hours long. And, they didn’t buy your course because it was more than 10 hours long.

They bought your course because they have an objective, and they want you to show them how to reach it. Period. The end.

So, if you can help them accomplish that in 3 hours, then a 10-hour course is way too long.

If you can’t truly help them accomplish their goal in 10 hours, then a 5-hour course is way too short.

The bottom line is: your course should be as long, and only as long, as it takes to get the student to the payoff. After that, it’s either useless information or bonus content.

But, if your course doesn’t truly help someone accomplish the goal-the reason they bought your course in the first place-length doesn’t matter.

On the flip side, if your course truly does help them accomplish the goal-the reason they bought your course-then length doesn’t matter.

You know what that means?

Length doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is, did your students get what they paid for?

They aren’t paying for minutes and hours. They are paying for the payoff. And, as long as you deliver that as best as you can, the length of the course is as long as it needs to be.

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