September Income Report - Online Courses

September Income Report – Our First Online Course Is Starting to Sell

I never thought I would do the income report, but a lot of people are wondering what our numbers are so far. So, I decided I would peel back the curtain, and let you see what we’re doing, what kind of results we’re having with it. The long-term plan is to develop the ultimate online […]

How Long Should Your Online Course Be? Why Best Practices Aren’t Best!

If it’s too long, your students will get bored and leave. If it’s too short, your students will feel like you wasted their time and money. That’s a dumb way to think about it! In short, length doesn’t matter. The outcome is what matters. Think about it: if you paid someone $4,000 to remove a […]

Buying Courses Online

How to Create Online Courses Other People Want to Buy

Imagine launching your new course and turning on your first ad or sending your first promotional email. Now, most of you are already hanging your head because you’ve been here before. And no one bought it! You spent hard-earned money on some paid ads and just threw money away on clicks. Sound familiar? Trust me; […]